Friday, September 22, 2017  10:32 AM

Yesterday, I attended a Nick Thomas seminar for Realtors and Lenders.  What a great Reminder of what I do in Real Estate and Why I do it!

Are you seeking to purchase a home?  Where do you begin?  Like many people today, we begin on line looking at homes in the 

area we desire to live.  What we may not be thinking about is:  How to finance that home?  Or Do I have resources to pay cash?

Even if you have the resources to purchase with cash is that the best way to go?  

Your accountant can advise you whether or not you need the interest of a loan for your taxes.  There are tax benefits to

owning a home as well as investment properties.  If you're a 1st time Home Buyer or have not owned in the last 3 years

you may qualify for the MCC Tax Credit on any type of loan you chose to apply for.  You simply have to work with a 

knowledgeable Mortgage Lender to obtain the Certificate prior to closing.  The Certificate can not be obtain once the 

transaction is completed.

Do you have 3% or more to put down on a home?  If not, do you know the best 100% financing option for you?  As a 

knowledgeable Real Estate Professional I can help you find the best lender for your needs.

Do you have good credit?  Or do you need assistance in cleaning up your credit?  Do you know where to turn in 

order to receive proper guidance to make good decisions to answer these questions?  A knowledgeable Realtor such 

as myself can provide you with resources to make a educated decision as to what will work best for you.  Many Realtors 

go beyond showing homes, they are a wealth of information and connections that will help you reach your goal of homeownership.

If not, email me:, for a FREE Ebook I wrote to answer many of these questions and help you reach your goal of 



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