Thursday, October 19, 2017  12:23 PM

People often wonder where to begin when considering selling their home.  Do you dive into a pool before you ask, "how deep?"

Selling a home can be much the same experience.

I had a Seller earlier this year who wanted to sell her home, 'as is.'  

I suggested at least giving it a good cleaning and declutter.  She said, 'No.'  OK, so we sold it, "as is."  I pre-listed it to get interest as I talked her into at least cleaning up some of the rooms so we could walk thru.  The home sold in 1 day for the asking price because it had a 3 car garage!  Afterwards she said, "I could have gotten more money."  My reply, "Yes, you could, but you said you didn't want to DO ANYTHING!"

Your home will sell with dirt and clutter... but if you take a moment to clean away the dust and clutter it will sell for more!

How motivated are you to sell your home?  What are you willing to do to prepare for the sale?

Sometimes just a little touch here or there can make a difference of $5,000 - $20,000 more in the price!

If cleaning up the front yard and painting the front door brings you an extra $10,000 isn't it worthwhile?

I have broken down some of these ideas into an easy read book.  Upon request I am giving these books away!

Find out - How to sell your home for More Money!  What are Buyers looking for?  What causes a home not to sell?  How do you know your homes true value?  and much more!

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